Technical Information

All General Hydraulic Solutions swim platform lifts are built to last.

  • Lifting Capacity: GHS offers lifts with a lifting capacity of 1,000 lbs., 1,500 lbs., and 3,000 lbs. based on boat model and manufacturer’s recommended transom strength.
  • Power Source: 12v_ 100 to 120 AMP/24v_60 to 70 AMP.
  • Complete Assembly Weight: 300 – 700 lbs., depending on lift configuration and adapter bracket (where applicable).
  • Warranty: Two years on all mechanical parts.
  • Anti-Corrosion Protection: Zinc Anodes, Sea Hawk Antifouling protection, Passivation of S.S. Hoses.
  • Operation: Wired handheld operation, optional wireless receiver/ remote, manual pump in case of electrical failure.
  • Safety Devices: Two audible alarms, two-stage operation to prevent accidental operation of lift, as well as two minute run time protection (after two minutes of run time the PC board turns system off to prevent overheating and pump failure).