Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does one side of the platform come up quicker than the other side occasionally?

    There is a possibility that one side of the platform will move at a different rate than the other. The manifold in the hydraulic pump contains combiner-divider valves that regulate and equalize fluid flow to both lifting cylinders. These valves are 90% efficient, which means there may be a slight difference in the movement of the individual sides. This should be minimal, however, and not affect the operation of the lift system. You can try shifting the weight of your load toward the “faster” side. If the problem persists, follow the recommendations in the trouble shooting guide.

  • What type of oil should I use to refill the pump reservoir?

    We recommend an ISO 46 grade hydraulic oil, preferably zinc-free. The oil that we provide with the lift is biodegradable type oil.

  • What is the capacity of the lift system?

    The capacity of a GHS swim platform lift depends on the specific lift/ boat model.

  • My lock cylinders appear to be leaking? Do I need to replace them?

    The lock cylinders on your GHS lift system have a cavity in them that can create a vacuum and draw in small amounts of water. When the lock cylinders are in movement they will purge this water out of the cylinder giving the appearance that the cylinder itself is leaking. Your cylinders do not need replacement as long as they are working correctly.

  • If the power to the lift fails, how do I get the lift back up?

    Please see your Owner’s Manual. There is an extensive guide to assist you with this problem.

  • If the load is unbalanced on the platform, will the lift still work?

    Your lift will operate as intended as long as you are within the weight limit of your lift system.

  • If the lift unit runs continuously with the power on and no remote is operational, what should I do?

    Call one of our service technicians, toll-free at 1-855-791-0128 for assistance.

  • How often should I change my zinc anodes?

    It is very important to change your zinc anodes (CAMP T-20) every six months.

  • Are chocks and tie-downs provided with the lift and can I purchase extras?

    Chocks, chock rails, and tie-downs are optional accessories and can be purchased at any time.